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So the album is out.
After two and a half years, a lineup change and moving countries, we have finally released our debut album ‘Talk Back Baby’. It’s been such an incredible, stressful experience, both wonderful and horrible (only sometimes).


We had our album launch at Melbourne venue Yah Yahs, and it was such a fun night. We played with our friends The Naysayers and The Velvets, who are both really awesome bands and you should go see them or listen to their stuff online when you get a chance.

The Velvets were up first and absolutely blew me away with their badassery, complete with Green Bullet harmonica microphone and loudspeaker vocals. We saw them last year and I was like woah, and this time I was like WOAH. They really are a must see band, fo sho. 
The Naysayers were up next, and as per usual they rocked the casbah. They are the best ‘non-threatening garage rock band’ I know. They even played a Beatles song, after admitting they had recently played a wedding and had to learn a bunch of covers. I accidently spilled some cider on one of their new EPs (Dee Eye Why), but that’s no reason not to buy one (which you can get here).

Then we were up, and boy was I itching to get behind those drums after seeing some wicked bands such as the above. We decided to play the album in it’s entirety (probably the only time that’s going to happen), so there were a few songs we had to practice quite a bit to get them worthy of a Honeybone set. Our poppiest song ever, ‘Down My Rhode’ was one of these, we have only ever played it once back when we were still a four piece. We had Drew’s midi keyboard hooked up to my laptop which was running Garageband and got a really nice dirty electric piano sound. The main issue with this song was Drew transitioning from keys to guitar for the solo, but I think we managed it.

The below photos were taken by Dimi Kostakos, and she is rad. Thanks Dimi!

It was a wonderful sweaty set, probably one of our best we’ve played in Melbourne. We played for over an hour, yet it was over so quickly. For our last song we did ‘That’s Alright Mama’ (made famous by Elvis and covered by many others) and our wonderful pal Ashleigh got up on stage and encouraged others to also. So we had a bunch of mates and randoms rocking out with us to close the night. So. Much. Fun.

In other news, the deluxe album packages will be shipped out to the people who bought them this week, we had to wait as the T-Shirts were going to take a while to print. We’ve sent the album off to a few music blogs for reviews (eek) and a guy on twitter likened me to Dave Grohl, which made my day (I was sitting at my desk at work grinning like an idiot for about 10 minutes).

Next weekend (the 2nd of November, to be exact) we are playing Cherry Bar with a cool band called The Modern Age, and another one, The Sand Dollars. It’s going to be so very rad to play Cherry, we’ve   been keen since we moved here, as it’s such a notorious rock n roll venue. Watch out Cherry, we are coming for you.

We’re stoked to hear when people buy and like our album, so let us know! You can use hashtag #talkbackbaby on Twitter and Instagram, or you can post on our Facebook page. Tell all your friends, tell your Mum. And keep an eye out on iTunes and Spotify, the album will be up there soon too!



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