Talk Back Baby



  1. Talk Back Baby
  2. Quit Your Cryin'
  3. Can't Feel Your Love
  4. Edge of the Sun
  5. Don't Need You
  6. Down into my Grave
  7. My Black Heart
  8. Down my Rhode
  9. Outta Time
  10. Touch the Sky
  11. Espionage

Honeybone’s debut album ‘Talk Back Baby’, released October 18th 2013.

The songs span a long period, with the oldest song being written during the Soul on Fire sessions, and the newest in early 2013, the band abandoned early recordings and songs when 2nd guitarist Josh Simons left the band and the group relocated to Melbourne and tried to focus their sound more.

The music on this disc is a collection of sounds that the band feel best represents them at different points in time, a fusion of bluesy garage rock, with trace grunge and prog elements sprinkled throughout and we are as proud of it as we are ashamed of how long it took to come out. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you, the fans.