Soul on Fire



  1. All my Sins
  2. Free Your Soul
  3. I'll be your Devil
  4. Happy
  5. Vagabond
  6. Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire is the debut studio EP by Honeybone. It was released on the 16th of July 2010 under the bands’ ON THE GROW RECORDS label with a release party show at Refuel on the same night.

The Soul on Fire EP was recorded in early 2010 in two sessions. The live rhythm tracks with drums and bass and temporary guitar tracks were recorded in Moeraki over 4 days, while the main guitar tracks were done later on in a single day at Albany St Studios in Dunedin. Vocal overdubs were done individually over the course of two months. 

The EP was engineered and mixed by guitarists Josh Simons and Drew Handcock, and mastering was done by Dunedin’s Dale Cotton.

The EP contains many live favourites of the band, including “All my Sins”, “Soul on Fire”, and “I’ll be Your Devil”, the first song ever written for the band. The EP has two bonus tracks, the experimental song “The Ballad of the Mouse and the Beetle” appears on the CD version and was recorded in full live at Moeraki during the rhythm sessions, and the downbeat bluesy number
“Hotshot Stereo” which appears exclusively on the download from