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Hey champs

You may have noticed we have a new promotional video

We worked with King of Comedy Andy Weston on this one, and we think it’s tops.

Sure, the first time you watch it, it’s a hoot. But what really MAKES the video is when you notice all the hilarious small things you didn’t notice the first time. We like to pretend we planned all this out, but we didn’t, not all of them.

Honeybone’s Hilarious Easter Eggs in the new Promo Vid:

1. The old ladies delayed reaction after the CD is thrown at her (0.15)


This isn’t something I planned to do, this is just extreme bad acting. And since that’s what all informercials are about, it makes the video all the more funny.

We recommend watching that over and over. Make a GIF if you like.

2. The random guy with his kid in the background watching Sambo Blissett as he spits out ‘blood’ at the train station (0.39-0.48)

Since we filmed this in a public place, we couldn’t really tell the guy to go away. We thought it would be good to have people in the background, like a real life event. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this guy didn’t quite understand his role, and was extremely interested to see what we were doing. He looked very alarmed when Sam spit the tomato sauce out onto the ground. Poor guy.

Little did we know that a train station guard was standing right behind us as we filmed, and he kicked us out after we stopped filming (apparently you need a permit).

Since we’re hardly professional film makers, we thought we’d keep this in, as it adds to the hilarity.

This is what it looked like to outsiders. Not that interesting, really…

3. The Backstreet Boys are on our album artwork (1.04)

When we filmed this, we hadn’t yet printed the album in it’s physical form, so we needed a dummy case.

What better CD to use than the greatest album of all time, ‘Backstreet’s Back’ by the Backstreet Boys (one of Drew’s favourites in his large collection).

This one was done on purpose, but out of necessity than comedic value. But it’s great.

I hope you enjoyed my little guide to our promo video, keep an eye out for the next one!

Oh and our album comes out in officially 6 days!!!!


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