Honeybone is a 3 piece garage rock band, rooted in blues and delving into styles such as progressive, grunge, and hard rock. Influenced by bands like the Led Zeppelin, The Datsuns and The Checks, they produce an exciting original live act.

Formed in May of 2009 just in time for the OUSA battle of the bands, Honeybone cut their teeth in the Dunedin (NZ) Music Scene, finely tuning their brand of swaggering howling blues before relocating to Melbourne, Australia in March of 2012.
Honeybone have had the pleasure of supporting such great NZ acts as the Datsuns, Dragon and Luger Boa), and in July of 2010 released their debut EP ‘Soul On Fire’.

After setting themselves up in ┬áMelbourne the band continued to gig heavily whilst polishing off their debut full length LP. ‘Talk Back Baby’ was released on October 18th 2013 on, embarking on a New Zealand tour shortly after to promote the album.

Honeybone is:

Rachel Trainor: Drums & Vocals

Peter Jermakov: Bass & Backing Vocals

Drew Handcock: Vocals, Guitar & Keys

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